Weird stuff from my logs

Sometimes I get bored and read through my log files to see how people got to this site. If you came here from a search engine, the search terms you used are probably in the referrer URL somewhere, so I get to see exactly what you were typing in to find my pages.

Below are just some of those things people have typed into search engines to find my site.

  • unsolved killings in east palo alto (Don't worry, nobody suspects you... well, they didn't until now)
  • abusive northern slang
  • usb memory catholic (Sorry, all my USB memory is Presbytearian)
  • pin-stripe von dutch hats
  • adult doom wad download (But the demons are all naked already... what more do you want?)
  • make my own jockey silk hat covers (What is it with these people and hats?)
  • sega genesis games to down lodes (I don't think Manic Miner ever got released for the Genesis...)
  • used mean second hand +combine (Oi've got a brand new combine harvester...)
  • removing negative information from credit database hacking, phreaking (Top tip: you have much better chance of getting away with crimes if your search history is not full of things like "crimes and how to do them")
  • Amber and adrian english goths (Adrian? Sorry, but there's no excuse for being a goth called Adrian when there are so many better names out there)
  • adult doom II wads (Oh, great, not you again...)
  • Unwanted sexual advances clip art (I just don't want to know, do I?)
  • Sink plunger sexaid (No. No, it really isn't. Even if you have a thing for Daleks)

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